Friday, April 23, 2010

Agenda and Working Principles for Tomorrow

The parties involved in tomorrow's joint meeting have agreed to an agenda and working principles for the discussion. Please see below.


1. The general purposes of meeting include:

· Taking the next steps toward advancing the collaborative and cooperative goals of both jurisdictions.

· Identifying several issues to be explored over the next two years by the Boards and Council/Supervisors.

· Identifying a process for evaluating and deciding the degree to which the City and County can cooperate on these ventures.

· Bringing the 4 elected groups together at the same time in the same place.

· Producing some tangible movement toward further collaboration and cooperation.

· Facilitating an understanding of the respective problems of these two jurisdictions.

· Providing a framework for further discussions.

· Getting together to discuss common goals/ways we can work together for the benefit of our respective school divisions and community.

· Efforts to expand collaboration and cooperation shall be guided and evaluated by working guidelines and benchmarks agreed to by the governing bodies, and shall include how these efforts will either increase the level of services at the same cost to the jurisdictions or provide the same level of service at lower cost.

2. The meeting is open, but given the limited time, there will be no public input.

3. Limit surprises.

4. Focus on future.

5. Recognize that key to sustained collaboration are the relationships of participants.

6. A one or two hour meeting cannot hope to resolve all issues, but we can set a process in motion.


1. Call to Order – Each Board convenes
2. Introductions – Toscano – 15 minutes

  • The Context for City / County Collaboration.
  • Short History of Annexation and Revenue
  • Sharing Agreement
  • The Challenges of Education for the Global Economy

3. What We Do Well – County Perspective reported by Board Chair - 20 minutes

  • As A Community several Items (posted on wall)
  • City Perspective reported by Mayor – several Items
  • County Schools Perspective reported by Board
  • Chair – several Items
  • City Schools Perspective reported by Board
  • Chair – several Items

4. What We Can Do Together – City Schools – 1-3 Items (posted on wall) 15 minutes

  • County Schools – 1-3 Items
  • City Council – 1-3 Items
  • County Board – 1-3 Items

5. Getting to Yes – Identification of issues to work on and protocol 30 minutes for so doing; Possible short-term agreements

6. Adjourn Our strength as a community lies in unity

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